Pushing for Vein Recognition in Japan

TOKYO -- TechSphere Co. of South Korea plans to step up marketing of its vascular pattern recognition systems in Japan.

Synchro Co. will work as the firm's local sales agent for the systems, which is capable of identifying a person by reading the vein patterns in their hands.

TechSphere plans to lower the price of the systems and offer 24-hour-a day, 365-day-a-year customer support service to compete with Hitachi Ltd. (6501) and Fujitsu Ltd. (6702), which have virtually cornered the Japanese market for vascular pattern recognition systems.

The firm's products are designed to be installed at the entrances of offices, condominiums and other restricted facilities to authenticate the identities of entrants. By making the systems application specific, TechSphere will be able to sell them for less than 500,00 yen, which is offered by Hitachi for comparable systems.

Tokyu Land Corp. (8815) and some central governmental agencies are already using TechSphere's devices. The company hopes to sell over 1,000 systems by next March.