Digital Infrared to Protect Port of Beaumont

Digital Infrared Imaging, Inc. (DII), a leader in the development, custom design and manufacturing of thermal imaging systems, announced that the Port of Beaumont in southeast Texas has selected the company's thermal infrared cameras to provide perimeter security and surveillance at the strategically important port.

"Both because of its commercial importance as well as the fact that it is an integral asset to the US Military, the Port of Beaumont has been at the forefront in the move toward increasing security," said Seth Ellis, CEO of Digital Infrared Imaging. "We have worked with other maritime-based homeland security installations including the San Diego Naval Base and the Port of Long Beach and we continue to be a leader in providing high quality, cost effective thermal technology for a stronger national defense."

According to port records, the port has received more than $7 million in federal grants over the past few years to beef up security in light of its strategic importance to national defense and threats to the U.S. transportation infrastructure. Part of the awards were earmarked for specific security projects including advanced intrusion monitoring systems, command/control and communications centers and further camera surveillance system improvements.

The port handles approximately 25 percent of all cargo sent to Iraq including artillery, tanks, trucks, HUMVEES, missile launchers, helicopters and support equipment. The equipment comes from 53 military bases in 29 states.

The cameras will be delivered between December and January. Installation is scheduled to begin in early 2005.