AKCP Announces New cameraProbe8 for Physical Security and Environmental Monitoring

AKCP (www.akcp.com), a leader in snmp based environmental and security monitoring, has announced a major upgrade to it's popular cameraProbe8.

The cameraProbe8 is an environmental and security monitoring device, which integrates a camera with multiple sensors. The cameraProbe8 can log the sensor data and associated images whenever a door is opened, motion is detected, there is water on the floor, air flow is diminished, smoke is present, a dry contact or alarm panel alerts, the temperature is out of range, voltage on any device is missing, a UPS is low on battery, and much more. 8 intelligent autosense ports are included to support customized environmental sensing.

This version of the cameraProbe8 includes full Linux. Hardware boasts a 32-bit ARM processor, 64 Megabytes of Flash and 64 Megabytes of SDRAM, along with a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet and two serial ports. Software utilities include many applications such as Apache web server, including encrypted https web pages Bash, Perl, vi, Telnet, PHP, Email, and Nagios, among others. It also supports full SNMP functionality, relying on our 10 years of SNMP experience to include a full featured mib for all of the sensors.

The image sensor has also been upgraded with a high quality Sony CCD, needing only .5 Lux at f1.2. This sensor gives excellent pictures, even in low light conditions. The newly redesigned precision direct drive stepper motor enables users to pan and tilt the camera via a web browser.

The cameraProbe8 is an essential device where security, environmental monitoring and protection of vital infrastructure are paramount.

The price of $895.00 for a complete system includes a 1-foot external temperature sensor and all software.