HP Adds Biometric Security to Pocket PC

Cogent Systems has announced that its BioSwipe biometric software technology has been incorporated into the HP iPAQ hx2700 series Pocket PC to provide the device with strengthened security.

The HP iPAQ hx2700 series Pocket PC has an integrated biometric fingerprint reader which, in conjunction with Cogent's BioSwipe biometric software technology, protects sensitive information stored on the handheld by preventing unauthorized access. Users can easily authenticate themselves using their fingerprint, or a combination of a PIN or password and fingerprint. Cogent's biometric software technology solutions have also been used in two previous HP iPAQ products.

"We are very excited about continuing our relationship with HP to help deliver unique security features for iPAQ users," commented Ming Hsieh, president and chief executive officer of Cogent. "This relationship between two industry leaders underscores the continued emergence of the use of fingerprint identification to provide security for information stored on mobile devices. We expect that demand for this type of solution will grow as the ability to easily secure and access information on mobile devices becomes increasingly important."

"Security is an area of focus for HP and we strive to ensure that our HP iPAQ mobile devices meet the security needs of our customers," said Eric Kilponen, director of product marketing, handheld division, HP. "Our integration of Cogent's biometric software technology into the HP iPAQ hx2700 series Pocket PC provides highly advanced and easy-to-use fingerprint authentication security to help thwart unauthorized access to sensitive data."