Bioscrypt Licenses New Fingerprint Minutiae Algorithm from Innovatrics

Bioscrypt Inc., a leading provider of identity verification technology, today announced that it has signed a non- exclusive license to acquire the source code for a minutiae- based fingerprint recognition algorithm from Innovatrics S.A.S. of Paris, France. The license establishes a transfer of the algorithm source code for integration by Bioscrypt. Bioscrypt will use the minutiae-based algorithm in conjunction with their existing pattern-based algorithm to support government procurements that require multiple standards support.

Innovatrics, a supplier of advanced algorithms and consulting services, has developed a world-class algorithm as demonstrated by their placing 5th in terms of average equal error rate in the Open Category of the 2004 Fingerprint Verification Competition (FVC). Further to this excellent performance in the FVC competition, Bioscrypt selected the Innovatrics algorithm because of its ability to support minutiae based standards, such as ANSI/INCITS 378 and the developing ISO/IEC SC37/19794-2. This support will be available for licensing opportunities, such as government ID cards, by the end of Q1 2005.

"I am pleased to have the opportunity to bring my algorithm to market through this license agreement with Bioscrypt" said Jan Lunter, co-founder and Technical Director of Innovatrics. "Bioscrypt is a well respected developer of fingerprint verification products and I am excited to participate with a company providing a range of both pattern and minutiae algorithms"."

With more than 95,000 units of its Veri-Series line of finished readers and OEM modules featuring the industry recognized best one-to-one verification algorithm sold to date, Bioscrypt is committed to expanding their market penetration for the commercial application of fingerprint biometrics using their pattern based algorithm. Development efforts and support for the pattern based products will continue to meet market demands.

"In the short term, the move to complement our established, best-of-breed pattern-based recognition algorithms with the Innovatrics minutiae algorithm allows Bioscrypt to support minutiae-based standards. This extension of our algorithm portfolio broadens Bioscrypt's ability to pursue government opportunities that require multiple standards support," stated Dr. Colin Soutar, chief technology officer of Bioscrypt Inc. "In the longer term, it opens up many exciting possibilities for combining the two technologies for enhanced algorithm performance, match-on-card and one-to-many systems. We were particularly impressed with the Innovatrics algorithm as it performs extremely well, and we believe that the non-exclusive nature of the agreement means that Innovatrics will license the algorithm to other biometric vendors, thus enhancing vendor interoperability."

"With this licensing agreement, Bioscrypt is being proactive in delivering leading fingerprint recognition technology to the market. We decided to offer both pattern and minutiae based algorithms for licensing opportunities, as we foresee significant market demands, particularly in the government sector," stated Robert L. Williams, president and CEO of Bioscrypt Inc. "Bioscrypt remains committed to delivering a range of the highest quality algorithms for fingerprint recognition, and will add to our portfolio of algorithm technologies as appropriate."