NICE Selected for Baltimore CCTV Project by Systems Integrator M.C. Dean Inc.

RA'ANANA, Israel -- NICE Systems, the global provider of advanced solutions that enable organizations to extract insight from interactions today announced that it has been selected by M.C. Dean, Inc., one of the nation's leading electronic systems integrators, to provide its digital video solutions for the Baltimore Region Anti-Terrorism CCTV Installation, Operation, and Service project. The network is part of a comprehensive strategy in the Baltimore area to improve regional cooperation on terrorism concerns.

The City of Baltimore will apply NICE's capabilities to enhance the CCTV security provision at public areas, including rail lines, government buildings and cultural institutions. The solution will allow Baltimore's command and control centers to extract security insight from video interactions by simultaneously monitoring multiple sites, with smart monitoring capabilities and automatic alarm management.

NICE's solution, with advanced transmission, recording and content analysis capabilities will deliver real-time alerts on potential threats to security personnel. The moments leading up to an alert will be automatically replayed allowing staff to intuitively investigate an incident, understand its context and cause and, more importantly, decide what action to take. Such proactive management and assessment of alarms and the correlating potential risk will enable Baltimore's security personnel to anticipate security breaches and improve response time. The result is enhanced safety and security for the region's residents.

"NICE provided us with a total solution that incorporates not only the required camera controls and recording capabilities, but also a content analysis feature that allows us to monitor and manage multiple cameras more efficiently by distinguishing between activities of interest and normal events," said Rhett Wade, General Manager of M.C. Dean, Inc.'s Security and Electronics Division.

M.C. Dean, Inc. is currently integrating NICE systems into several other projects in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area.

"Baltimore's initiative powerfully demonstrates how advanced content analytics along superior digital video performance can significantly increase the speed of threat detection and efficiency of corrective action," says Ian Ehrenberg, vice president and general manager of NICE's digital video security division, US. "NICE's video solutions are the preferred choice of local, state and federal officials for video content analytics and they are turning to NICE to support their effort in enhancing security and protecting the public."