New System Allows Casinos to Go Online for Background Processing

OKLAHOMA CITY - HRLogix, a leading provider of web- based, paperless hiring systems, today announced the newest addition to their Hire Performance Suite, SafeLogix.

SafeLogix is a web-based, security portal that automates the entire background check and licensing process, and then communicates the results electronically to the gaming commission. This essentially eliminates the "black hole syndrome" that is often created between human resource departments, gaming commissions and security departments. The system also creates a searchable database for all background results previously recorded.

"With SafeLogix, HRLogix has created a web-based solution that automates most of the administrative tasks associated with the background check and licensing processes. It has enabled us to respond to our human resource departments in a timely manner, and in turn has allowed our investigators to focus on their core responsibilities," said Mike Manning, Director of Corporate Security for Golden Nugget.

"Designed exclusively for the gaming industry, SafeLogix completes the loop for truly paperless on-boarding, ultimately giving our clients the ability to reduce their time to hire by up to 60%," says Maryann Gagnon, President of HRLogix.

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