Axis Communications to Launch Four New Network Cameras at IIPSEC 2005

Axis Communications, leading IP-Surveillance vendor, announced that it will be unveiling four new network cameras at IIPSEC 2005. Visitors to the Axis stand (# M-11) will get the chance to view these latest products as well as take part in a competition to see how quickly they can install an Axis camera onto a network. The fastest installers will win a daily prize of an Apple iPod and runners-up will collect an Axis 206W wireless network camera.

Axis will also be playing an active part in the IP Convergence Conference and related `IP-in-Action` end-user orientated presentations. Ms Bodil Sonesson, vice president regional operations at Axis, will be speaking at the IP Convergence Conference. This conference is designed to explore the IP technology road map and provide a discussion forum for existing and future users as well as developers of IP-based network solutions. Ms Sonesson will give a presentation on `Partnering for Profit` which will focus on the importance of finding partners with vision and a true understanding of the benefits of IP technology.

Dominic Bruning, managing director of Axis Communications (UK) Ltd, will be delivering three presentations in the `IP-in-Action` segment of the conference. The first will detail how more than GBP40,000 was saved by StaffordGeneralHospital, at installation stage, by deploying the extended security system via the hospital`s network rather than via coaxial cabling for a CCTV only system.

Other presentations will cover how the installation of covert Axis cameras for one major UKregional police force helped reduce crime by 25 per cent by protecting vulnerable people in their own homes. The third presentation will detail how the surveillance system at the Salt Palace Convention Centre in Salt Lake Citywas upgraded in readiness for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games.

So there will be a few tips for the 2012 LondonOlympic bid as well!