Rainbow CCTV’s Lenses to Be Used on Dutch Highway Network

Lenses from Rainbow CCTV are being installed by Tyco Integrated Systems (TIS) throughout the Dutch highway network.

The 10-100mm motorized zoom units are being mounted on purpose-built poles, gantries and bridges at highway junctions in areas including Arnhem, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam and The Hague.

The Rainbow lenses are part of pan & tilt assemblies and operate from IP67 housings created by TIS. The units are being used with Bosch LTC0620 cameras while the telemetry controller is Tyco’s own bi-directional TIB interface board.

TIS’s client is Rijkswaterstaat, a Dutch national authority with wide ranging responsibilities for infrastructure and civil engineering.

Mr Anton Depenbrock, a Project Manager with TIS, explained the nature of the project. He said: “In common with many highway networks the system in the Netherlands is overcrowded and the highway authority has decided to use the emergency lane as an additional driving lane during rush hours. The Rainbow lenses are part of comprehensive installations which are used to observe the status of emergency lanes.”

Several hundred of the Rainbow lenses have been already installed on these applications and the product’s trouble-free performance has resulted in a large repeat order for the municipality of Zwolle to the north-east of Amsterdam.

Mr Depenbrock continued: “The Rainbow lenses have a good track record over several years. We have found them to be the most suitable product on the market based on functionality and price. Performance in conditions involving exceptional vibration, smog and fumes has been a criterion.”

Rainbow lenses have an exceptional pedigree at locations of this kind in the UK. Similar installations include the M42 freeway, the London congestion charge system and other projects by TIS including the capital’s M25 peripheral freeway.

About the lenses:
The S10X10MEA-II 2/3-inch 10-100mm motorized zooms are compatible with 1/2 and 1/3 inch cameras. The units are auto-iris with an aperture of F1.4~1200. As with other Rainbow motorised zoom lenses they are available with presets. Operation temperature range is -10~+50°C (+14~122°F.)

Rainbow CCTV is online at www.rainbowcctv.com.