Free Firmware Upgrade Available for IQeye Systems

New firmware is simple to install and will improve the look, feel and performance of your existing IQeye smart camera system. Best of all, it is free.

Here are the key features in the latest firmware upgrade, V2.4/3:

IQeye Camera Systems

  • New improved web user interface using validated CSS2 HTML
  • New ActiveX support for viewing live images
  • New global "maximum frame rate" can be specified
  • New ability to control a custom relay button from the LIVE page

IQrecorder - Embedded in all IQeye Camera Systems

  • Multiview page has been expanded to be able to view nine cameras
  • System stability is enhanced
  • Event searching speed has been improved


  • New FAT32 PC-compatible file system support


  • Hot pixel correction is added, now standard on all IQeye camera systems
  • Improved video streaming to multiple viewers