Diebold to Offer New RiskWatch Security Assessment Software

RiskWatch has developed a risk assessment management tool designed specifically for financial institutions in conjunction with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), which includes provisions to protect consumers' personal financial information held by financial institutions. Diebold will serve as a reseller for the new software.

The new GLBA software program will provide Diebold customers with a comprehensive security risk analysis and management tool that identifies and analyzes the assets, threats, vulnerabilities, losses and safeguards of information and physical resources. "RiskWatch will provide a real value-add for Diebold's customers by helping them create better ways of managing their risks," said Caroline Hamilton, president of RiskWatch.

RiskWatch, providers of the world's leading security risk assessment and compliance software, has created a complete suite of security assessment software to help organizations identify risks, measure vulnerabilities, place a value on assets and develop a security return on investment that focuses, prioritizes and justifies the security budget.

"This software will enable our customers to assess the security throughout their business," said Sarah Johnson, vice president of Global Software and Services for Diebold. "It also assesses where they stand regarding compliance of security guidelines and regulations, and thoroughly reviews and evaluates the performance of security controls currently in place."

The GLBA software also performs physical security reviews, audits and vulnerability assessments of facilities and personnel. The survey questions are centered on areas of GLBA compliance issues, as well as access control, perimeter security, personnel security and privacy.

RiskWatch provides security risk assessment and compliance software that automates the risk management and site survey process. RiskWatch products are available for information systems, physical and facilities security, maritime/seaport security, the HIPAA Final Security Rule, ISO 17799 compliance, force protection and supply chain security. For additional information, visit the RiskWatch web site at www.riskwatch.com.