SAFLINK EntryPoint System Designed to Simplify Network Security Access for SMBs

BELLEVUE, WA – SAFLINK Corporation, a leading provider of biometric and smart card security solutions, today launched SAFLINK EntryPoint – the first solution in a new security product line that provides a powerful framework for protecting intellectual property from insider theft.

SAFLINK EntryPoint delivers an intuitive password replacement solution, together with quick economic return, and provides users with a significant step-up in securing network access by strengthening ID verification without disrupting existing user workflow. EntryPoint, available through the SAFLINK reseller channel, is targeted at small- to medium-sized businesses (SMB) seeking to increase protection and productivity, and to reduce IT costs.

Replacing traditional passwords that are easily forgotten, shared or stolen is made painless with multi-factor protection provided by EntryPoint. Straightforward biometrics are used to confirm network access with a plug-and-play USB flash drive. EntryPoint provides an upgrade path for expanded access to information, regardless of where it is located, without sacrificing security. As part of a multi-factor authentication system, the biometrically secure EntryPoint solution becomes a portable device for securing company data regardless from where it is accessed.

“SAFLINK EntryPoint allows SMBs to take a cost-effective first step toward enhancing network security and productivity,” noted Sapna Capoor, Industry Analyst, Frost and Sullivan. “The SMB market represents a high number of potential users, and SAFLINK’s EntryPoint product provides easier, more convenient network access by replacing a traditional password that is easily lost, stolen or shared with a standard or biometrically-protected USB device. With the introduction of SAFLINK EntryPoint, SMBs now have a security option that can address immediate security needs and scale to incorporate additional applications, features and capabilities in the future.”

“We believe SAFLINK EntryPoint gives our customers a solid increase in protection without disrupting their routines. It is the building block for a change in security philosophy,” said Tim Wudi, Chief Marketing Officer at SAFLINK. “Its close integration with Windows Active Directory allows us to leverage Microsoft’s exceptionally strong presence in the SMB market. EntryPoint provides resellers with the ability to add real and measurable value to their customers while differentiating their offering in the market.”