Gray Electronics Introduces System for License Plate Capture, Driver Identification

Gray Electronics has announces a LITE version (using six cameras) of its INTELLIGENT SELECTION system, IS-LITE. IS-LITE retains the ability to "intelligently select" pictures of vehicles in multiple drive-in lanes of banks, credit unions, parking lot or garage exits, border crossings, etc. The system offers a resolution that allows license plate data to be clearly read and multiplex pictures from cameras installed in each lanes' remote teller station.

The system uses one color speed dome camera system with "Alarm to PreSet" features. Up to seven lanes of "zoomed in and close up" pictures of vehicles and their license plates are intelligently selected and captured by IS-LITE. Also, a camera installed in each of the remote teller stations provides a "close-up front view" of the person using the station. Passive Infrared (PIR) motion detectors or other sensors, installed in each lane, are individually connected to both the dome camera and IS-LITE, to alert both systems of the presence of a vehicle in a lane.

Acting on an alarm from a PIR, etc., the dome camera will move to the appropriate lane and provide pictures to IS-LITE. This same alarm will alert IS-LITE, which will capture and store high Resolution (640x480, 24 bit) color pictures presented by the dome and its alarmed pre-sets, onto TCP/IP Network Databases on hard drives of standard PCs, using Windows XP networking systems.

This same alarm also will alert IS-LITE to switch or multiplex a series of pictures between the dome and the remote teller station. IS-LITE can capture and store pictures from up to six domes or still cameras. Multiple IS-LITE systems may be connected together via the XP TCP Network, which allows remote monitoring and retrieval of pictures. Every captured and stored picture may be used as stand-alone evidence in court, because each has the time and date, camera number and alarm number permanently superimposed.

The databases IS-LITE uses are protected by a 24-bit encrypted password hardcoded into the software to eliminate tampering with stored pictures. With the PC hard drive storage, IS-LITE can provide over nine months of history. These bitmap (901Kbyte) pictures will function with MS Word and other common programs to allow operator inclusion in reports of incidents, and the format makes it easy for the captured photos to be e-mailed to the police for immediate response.