Nortronics Launches NetImage XSO for Remote and Automated Monitoring

Nortronics, a security integrator servicing clients across the New York metro area, has launched an advanced surveillance and security system for property and facilities called NetImage XSO. The system is designed for real estate, education, and public and private facilities.

Remote Monitoring
NetImage XSO (the XSO stands for Extra Security Observation) is designed to allow a single security professional to monitor numerous surveillance cameras from a remote location over the Internet. Even from a great distance, the professional can direct the cameras to zoom in on a suspicious scene or to pan out view the entire scene, and review stored digital images.

Behavioral Intelligence
The XSO system also uses newly developed behavioral intelligence software to analyze what the cameras see and alert its human operators when something suspicious is detected. The software can warn of movement within a restricted area, a person leaving a bag unattended in a public place or traffic moving the wrong way down a street.

Relying on the software to do this first level of monitoring enables a single person to be responsible for multiple facilities, covered by tens or hundreds of cameras. That?s because the operator only needs to actually look at those images that the software has determined may show a problem or threat.

NetImage XSO is one product within a category known as CCTV over IP, or closed circuit television Internet protocol. Other CCTV IP systems are already in use within the education, law enforcement, real estate and transportation sectors.

"We expect this kind of technology to be integrated into plans for almost every significant new development project in the New York area going forward," said Maria Gonzalez, vice president of Nortronics. "It fills a growing need for protection."

Additional features of CCTV over IP:

  • Newly developed behavioral software analyzes captured images
  • Internet-enabled network of cameras
  • Internet-accessible surveillance images, allowing remote viewing
  • Position cameras to pan or zoom via Internet from any location
  • Images downloadable and stored on computer hard drive
  • About Nortronics
    Nortronics has over 38 years of experience in the security industry. Nortronics designs, installs and maintains security technology and services for real estate, education, government and institutional clients around the New York metro area.