S2 NetBox Remote Monitoring System Tested for Work with Mozilla Browser

S2 Security Corporation (S2), developers of the industry's first network appliance that fully integrates a range of physical security applications, today announced that it has tested and certified its S2 NetBox product for use with the Mozilla Foundation's new Firefox 1.0 Browser. Users of the S2 NetBox version 1.1 and later can now access the product's monitoring, administration, and reporting capabilities through Firefox, taking advantage of its high level of performance and functionality.

S2 Security Corporation's first-of-its-kind physical security network appliance integrates access control, alarm monitoring, temperature monitoring, video and intercom in a single Web-browser delivered interface. Users can access this "security management system in a box" from anywhere on the local or extended IP network. The network architecture and solid-state hardware employed by S2 are a potent combination that dramatically lowers the cost to purchase, install, and operate an integrated security management system.

"S2 has been testing the beta release of Firefox for the past five months, and we've been impressed with its stability and speed," said John L. Moss, CEO of S2 Security Corporation. "S2 is a proponent of open architecture systems and so it was only natural for us to support Firefox."

S2 has taken care in its development program to assure that its S2 NetBox product is browser-agnostic by developing and testing against several common browsers and by not requiring ActiveX program components that introduce browser dependencies. "The fact that we've been so strict about our zero- footprint model means that we can take advantage of Firefox where many of our competitors cannot," noted Moss. S2 is committed to keeping its product browser independent in future product releases.