Identix Lands Contract with Pennsylvania State Police

Identix Incorporated, a top multi-biometric technology company, announced that it has received a purchase order from the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) with a value in excess of $1.8 million for Identix(R)' industry-leading full hand and ten-print TouchPrint(TM) 3000 line of live scan systems.

The TouchPrint systems will be deployed at PSP offices throughout the State to assist Pennsylvania in meeting the requirements of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) under the U.S. Patriot Act to conduct focused background checks, including fingerprint-based biometric criminal history checks, of all commercial drivers who apply for, renew or transfer an endorsement to transport hazardous materials (HAZMAT), including explosives.

The PSP will also use the Identix systems for routine criminal bookings. The TouchPrint systems under the order are expected to ship and be installed over the course of the Company's fiscal 2005 year ending June 30, 2005.