Mitsubishi Develops Intrusion Detection System Using Electric Waves

OSAKA, Nov. 16 (Kyodo) -- Mitsubishi Electric Corp. said Tuesday it has developed an intruder detection system that uses electric waves, a cheaper system than conventional security systems based on infrared rays.

The system consists of two pairs of up to 1.5-kilometer-long transceiver cables -- one sending electric waves and the other receiving the waves -- set up in parallel around the area to be monitored plus a censor which detects any distortion in electric wave signals received by the receiver cable.

The system also can specify the location of intruders by an error margin of plus or minus 3 meters, it said.

The number of units used can be increased to enlarge the size of the monitored area.

Mitsubishi Electric said the new system will be considerably cheaper than currently common infrared ray-based systems, which require a number of relatively expensive infrared cameras for accurate results.

The new system can also be more effective when used with monitoring cameras, the company said, adding it will be suitable to protect large facilities such as nuclear plants and airports.