IACSP Selects Don L. Rondeau as Homeland Security Executive of the Year

Rondeau awarded distinction for services in information sharing and analysis in counter-terrorism field.

The International Association of Counterterrorism and Security Professionals has named Don L. Rondeau of the Highway Watch Program, as its Homeland Securiy Executive of the year.

This award, selected by the IASCP Board of Directors, recognizes the security executive that has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to international counter terrorism and security excellence through their innovation, dedication, teamwork, and training of other security professionals over the past year. This year, on behalf of the Board of Directors for the International Association for Counter Terrorism & Security Professionals, CEO Steven J. Fustero is proud to announce that Don L. Rondeau has been selected as the IACSP Homeland Security Executive of the Year.

Don L. Rondeau has been selected for the IACSP Homeland Security Executive of the Year Award for his extraordinary work in developing a scientifically verifiable profile of a Red Team Leader. Furthermore, Rondeau's work as the Highway Watch Program Director of Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAC) is ground breaking. In this capacity he directs the intelligence efforts of this multi million-dollar program in concert with elements of DHS, TSA, FBI, and other federal agencies. This level of partnership between the public and private sector for the purpose of protecting America is unprecedented.

In response to this announcement, Mr. Rondeau said, "First, I must acknowledge the many patriots who have put me in a position to make a difference. I accept this honor on behalf of the nation's law enforcement and counter terrorism professionals as well as the members of the Highway Community who are out there everyday, doing their part to keeping America rolling. The Highway Watch Program enhances the ability of members of the highway community to take an active role in protecting themselves and the nation. Truckers, bus drivers, toll takers, and many others all contribute to the security of the nation. These are the true heroes." Rondeau continues, "There are many people that have put me in a position to make a difference. The nature of the work we do prohibits me from naming them. To these teammates, elements of DHS and TSA Maritime and Land, I thank you and pledge my continued support. Additionally, the effort and support given to me by two key members of my staff has been paramount to my ability to move this program forward. Every step I have taken with regards to the Highway Watch Program, I have done so with the full support of intelligence analysts Janet St. John and Ben Mannes."

About Don L. Rondeau - Don has had a broad and distinguished career having served as a contract investigator for the Department of Interior and the chief security consultant for the Embassies of the State of Kuwait and Qatar. As chief executive officer of the publicly traded Rondeau & Smith Inc., Don cultivated numerous relationships in the Middle East to include reaching a teaming agreement for special security projects with Middle Eastern security group Shamco. Mr. Rondeau is the former Director of Asset Protection for Boat America and the former Director of Loss Prevention for Blockbuster Entertainment. He has worked with and trained various law enforcement agencies and civilian experts alike. Mr. Rondeau is a friend of the trucking community, having served as the American Trucking Associations Director of the Safety and Loss Prevention Management Counsel.

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