IACSP Selects Don L. Rondeau as Homeland Security Executive of the Year

Rondeau awarded distinction for services in information sharing and analysis in counter-terrorism field.

According to IACSP President and CEO Steven J. Fustero, "In the rapidly changing intelligence community, Don is a professional who has demonstrated the ability to creatively apply private sector principles and practices to the war against terror. He has done this unselfishly, without any other motivation other than to protect lives. I believe that he represents the next generation of Homeland Security Executive. While we as a nation struggle to identify ways to enhance the quality of intelligence, Rondeau seems to be able to steer us all toward sharing. He has served as the IACSP Washington D.C. Chapter Director as well as the Transportation Security Advisor. You will be hard pressed to get him to take credit for anything. I think his humble nature is what aids his ability to gain support and connect the public and private sectors in the way that he does. As I understand it, his Red Team Method is another example of his ability to blend disciplines and techniques and creatively apply them. He investigated a series of armed robberies approximately 10 years ago, sought a scientific explanation as to how he has been successful in solving such crimes, and put the findings of his research down on paper for all of us to understand. He now applies these techniques to the war against terror, with great success."

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