Panasonic Adds Video Recording System to Toughbook Laptop Line

System is designed for recording of on-site evidence, interviews; system sees company partner with Insight Video

Other "must have" features include advanced usage auditing based on such criteria as video file access, log-on times and accounts, file relocation, file exports, and user-management changes; extended report generation; and sophisticated user-rights management.

Mean-Street Durability
Like all ruggedized Panasonic Toughbook products, the Toughbook Arbitrator is built to take whatever the hazards of the job dish out. In addition to a shock-resistant, anti-wear-coated, cast-magnesium case, the camera features a custom, multi-function mount that also serves as a heat sink to extend camera service life and improve operating stability.

The Toughbook Arbitrator's recording module is vibration- and spill-resistant and its proprietary P2 memory cards are engineered to withstand heat, shock and vibration. Each card can be re-written 100,000 times and safely removed and re-inserted 30,000 times without any deterioration in performance.

Robust Back Office Support
In addition to partnering with Insight Video, Panasonic has joined with IBM to ensure that the Toughbook Arbitrator will be the most reliable, technologically compatible, and highest-performance Mobile Digital Video System on the market.

"We are extremely proud that IBM has signed on as marketing partner for the Toughbook Arbitrator system," Poehler said. "With IBM providing such services as back-end server design and back-end software and hardware installation, our customers are guaranteed the ultimate in total system reliability, efficiency, and expandability."