ACTi Helps Move Glasgow Prestwick Airport from Analog to IP Surveillance

Taipei, Taiwan -- ACTi's Video Server, SED-2100R, and Transcoder, SED-3200, has enabled Glasgow Prestwick Airport in UK to upgrade from analogue based systems to IP based CCTV systems. Incorporating with Visual Management Systems product, Titan Vision, the new system allows to have centralized control and high integration of access control, electronic security, different CCTV, and fire monitoring. Besides, it also provides high flexibility of system extension and remote access of local video footage archive.

Glasgow Prestwick airport installed fourty units of video servers, six units of transcoders and one IP speed dome by the end of June to prepare G8 leaders' landing for the G8 Summit at Gleneagles. Why choose ACTi? ACTi's MPEG-4 IP products provide D1 (720x576) resolution at 25 frames per second and utilize low bandwidth and storage size. It saves huge cost in hardware equipment and operation resource.

ACTi is the technology leader and manufacturer in MPEG-4 IP surveillance product solution. ACTi's state of art IP surveillance products include IP cameras, Day & Night IP camera, IP speed domes, video servers, IP Quad, transcoders, PCI compression card and NVR. ACTi's partner, Visual Management Systems have invaluable experience in the CCTV market and can offer a cost effective CCTV solution. Titan Vision represents a reliable solution for the integration and control of CCTV cameras, fire alarms, intruder alarms and door access systems in multiple sites. Titan Vision is a professional CCTV application that provides control, administration, viewing and recording of live video and audio over IP (internet protocol) networks.

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