Open Security Exchange Announces New Members

The Open Security Exchange (OSE), a cross-industry consortium dedicated to delivering best practices guidelines in the area of security management and vendor-neutral interoperability specifications for the integration of physical and cyber security systems, today announced two new members. GE Infrastructure-Security joined the Open Security Exchange as a Board Member. "We are pleased to join and help lead an organization that will define and promote standards in our industry, which will improve the overall value and experience of security solutions for our customers," said Jim Clark, GE Security's Vice President, Global Marketing. "The recent organizational changes in the OSE, which introduce two membership levels, and guarantee an equal level of participation for all OSE members, ensure that the OSE will be a robust and authoritative forum for industry-wide initiatives."

Deister Electronics joined the Open Security Exchange as a General Member. "As a leading developer and manufacturer of RFID technology and equipment, Deister is at the forefront of developing innovative OEM solutions to address the most demanding client requirements," said Bill Nuffer President of Deister Electronics USA. "The Open Security Exchange provides a valuable means for security vendors to collaborate and provide pragmatic technical integration solutions. OSE is now a major influence on the growing Open Standards movement in the Security Industry-an effort that presages a flowering of innovation in not only security but in the tightly coupled markets of Information Technology (IT) and Supply Chain Management."