PerformanceRetail and FKI Security Group Form Loss Prevention Alliance

Companies to market integrated digital video recording and web-based loss prevention software offering

Steve Aronson, FKI Security Group's vice president of marketing said the partnership will enable the retailer to identify areas of loss and quickly take steps to resolve potential issues. "PerformanceRetail creates and supports great applications that enable retailers to track and improve retail performance, and FKI Security Group builds innovative devices that monitor and control cash from the POS all the way to the bank drop or pickup by the cash transporting service," Aronson said.

"We are excited to work with a leader in security such as FKI," said Dean Cruse, executive vice president of marketing at PerformanceRetail. "Our customers are the real winners with this alliance; gaining easy and affordable solutions that will enable them to increase their competitive position and grow their businesses."