Actcom and Rafrex Introduce RFID Technology for Sensitive Documents

Actcom Security Solutions ( and Rafrex ( SenD-ID, an RFID Business Solution for government and industry to identify, inventory, and locate sensitive documents and files. Actcom and Rafrex have designed and developed the integrated solution using RFID technology - tags and readers - from Symbol Technologies. SenD-ID will optimize document management and control and minimize staff time to identify and locate sensitive documents and files out of their controlled repository.

Actcom will first demonstrate SenD-ID at GOVSEC, Washington D.C., May 25-26. Demonstration will highlight the identification of RFID "tagged" security documents for specific purposes of locating a document away from its controlled repository. Also, Actcom will show the SenD-ID functionality to inventory RFID "tagged" archive documents specifically related to a controlled repository.

The SenD-ID solution provides a unique RFID tag for each document or file which then allows identification of that document or file without line of sight requirement or physical handling. With an RFID tag on each document or file, the staff person can locate the document on premises by physical surveillance with an RFID antenna enabled mobile computer or by tracking a document or file with an RFID tag using portal access control readers. Upgrades to the basic document management solution include integration with personnel identification and real time inventory based on portal activity.