Cogent Systems Lands Fingerprint Recognition Deal with Fresno County Sheriff

Cogent Systems has signed a contract with the Fresno County Sheriff's department for its next generation Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS). The initial award is valued at over $2 million.

The new AFIS which features Cogent's high-speed Programmable Matching Accelerator (PMA) provides real-time response times for search requests supporting mobile and stationary identification checks throughout Fresno County. The new AFIS will include customized workflows to support law enforcement identification, including the ability to search both fingerprints and palmprints as well as fingerprint based civil background checks and features 4X the conventional image resolution to 1,000 pixels per inch (ppi).

The new AFIS system will be integrated with existing County law enforcement information systems along with the California Department of Justice's AFIS and the FBI's Integrated AFIS (IAFIS). The system will support the County, the Fresno Police Department and ten other police departments within the County. The system architecture is designed to scale to support up to a database of up to 10,000,000 records. System expansion capabilities support both criminal and civil livescan applications and include a mugshot system, facial recognition capability, mobile identification, an on-line archive system, additional remote workstations and livescan units for police departments throughout the County.

"Our selection by Fresno demonstrates the value that Cogent's technology brings," commented Ming Hsieh, President and CEO of Cogent Systems. "Advanced features of the new system include faster response time, real-time mobile identification and the ability to search additional fingerprint records. This new advanced technology is creating an opportunity to replace legacy fingerprint identification systems in many small and mid-sized law enforcement agencies. Our recent contract wins in this market is clear evidence we are winning a very substantial portion of these upgrades."