SimplexGrinnell Highlights Campus Fire-Safety Initiatives

Company promotes fire-safety programs at colleges and universities as National Fire Prevention week approaches

University of Illinois Fire Factor Academy: This initiative features a partnership between the University of Illinois and the cities of Champaign and Urbana, Illinois, which have joined forces to work toward the common goal of imparting lifelong fire-safety habits to college students. The program involves hands-on training for college students that focuses on the risks of fire and the importance of fire prevention. Fire safety is a top priority in Champaign, where the city council last fall approved an ordinance requiring all university-certified housing to be retrofitted with fire sprinklers within five years. Nearly half of the university's privately owned dormitories, fraternities and sororities now have fire sprinklers.

Center for Campus Fire Safety: SimplexGrinnell is a founding member of the Center for Campus Fire Safety, a non-profit organization devoted to reducing fires at campuses across the nation through education and advocacy. The Center's mission is made possible through underwriting from SimplexGrinnell and other sponsor organizations dedicated to life safety and to teaching the nation's youth about fire safety.

Capitol Hill Campus Fire Academy: A recent Center for Campus Fire Safety initiative supported by SimplexGrinnell was the 2005 Capitol Hill Campus Fire Academy, which provided fire-safety training to over 90 college interns and emergency office coordinators who work in the offices of U.S. senators and representatives. The Congressional Fire Services Caucus, the Congressional Fire Services Institute, and the Architect of the Capitol partnered with the Center to bring the program to Washington, D.C.

Campus Fire Forum 7: Next month (Nov. 8-10) in Tempe, Ariz., the Center will present Campus Fire Forum 7, a three-day seminar for campus fire-safety professionals that includes educational sessions and exhibits of the latest fire protection solutions. Fraser will deliver a presentation at the forum titled "Strategic Applications of Fire Alarm Technology," which will discuss the strategic use of current fire alarm technology in the academic environment.

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