Wheelock Offers Complete Line of Weatherproof Fire Alarm Notification Appliances

Long Branch, New Jersey –– Wheelock, Inc., a leading manufacturer of advanced life safety, security and communications products, offers a line of weatherproof fire alarm appliances to satisfy virtually all outdoor and severe environment applications.

Each of the company’s Weatherproof Strobe, Audible Strobe, Audible Horn and Multitone Strobe appliances provide enhanced resistance to temperatures ranging from -31°F to 150°F (-35°C to 66°C) and are rated for 75 candela @ -35°C.

All three appliances also meet or exceed the latest requirements of NFPA 72 (National Fire Alarm Code), UL Standard 1638 (Standard for Visual Signaling Appliances), and UL 464 (Standard for Audible Signaling Appliances). Furthermore, the strobes can be synchronized with Wheelock’s SM and DSM Sync Modules and/or the PowerPath PS-12/24-8CP & MP Power Supply, which utilizes Wheelock’s Patented Sync Protocol.

In addition to Wheelock’s Weatherproof Strobe Series RSSWP, these appliances also include the:

  • Weatherproof Audible Strobe and Audible- Series ASWP and AHWP, which offers a field selectable choice of continuous horn or temporal patterns when constant voltage is applied from fire alarm control panels as well as selectable dBA settings of 99, 95, and 90 dBA in both tones.
  • Weatherproof Multitone Strobe and Multitone Horn Series MTWP and MT-12/24, which provide a field selectable choice of eight nationally and internationally recognized alerting signals and two installer selectable sound output levels. The Series MTWP also offers the benefits of a true 4 wire appliance.

Wheelock is headquartered in Long Branch, N.J., and is online at www.wheelockinc.com.