GE Enhances Intelligent Video Surveillance Capabilities to Include License Plate Recognition

Ecublens, Switzerland -- GE’s Security business has announced that its VisioWave digital intelligent video security platform now works in conjunction with Autofocus technology from Survision, an imaging processing specialist company in France. The VisioWave platform, when integrated with Autofocus, provides customers with extremely efficient vehicle control. VisioWave users in police, bus, tram and taxi applications can now automatically identify vehicles by their license plate numbers to manage and control access to parking facilities. The solution also detects stolen vehicles as well as provides automated billing solutions for parking cars, trucks and trailers.

“This application is the latest of many intelligent video solutions, using third party software, that improve security, reduce costs and provide heightened customer convenience with the VisioWave platform,” said Xavier Heusghem, Marketing Director of VisioWave. “Whether used for incident detection, intrusion monitoring or people tracking, the VisioWave platform is providing a foundation for an increasing number of intelligent video security solutions.”

GE’s VisioWave is a comprehensive range of solutions including intelligent video content analysis and video surveillance for applications that require integrated transmission, management, analysis and storage of extremely high-quality digital video, including digital video equipment and high-end distributed video switching for cameras and monitors. Every customer requirement, from high-end industrial applications to fully integrated plug-and-play IP video, may have its own solution utilizing the VisioWave Video Operating System.

Survision has successfully implemented innovative technologies including Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and Recognition and Tracking through Feature Points (RTFP) for a broad range of customers.