FacePrint Global Solutions Commences Trading

FRESNO, Calif. -- FacePrint Global Solutions, Inc. announced that its common shares have commenced trading on the OTC Bulletin Board under the symbol FCPG.

FacePrint Global Solutions, Inc. ("FacePrint") develops and markets advanced technology identity solutions and related products.

-- FacePrint is in the final stages of developing advanced technology identity solutions for local, state and federal law enforcement departments and agencies, immigration and border control agencies, state driver's license departments, credit card and debit card issuers, correctional facilities, the military, and many other target markets. FacePrint's E-DNA BioPrint Coding System(TM) core technology will be common to all of the Company's identity solutions and is expected by the Company to establish new world standards for the accuracy and high-speed portability of biometric data. FacePrint currently anticipates that the first of its identity solution suites will be introduced to market in 2005.

-- FacePrint is also in the final stages of developing e-learning tools for the local, state and federal law enforcement communities. These e-learning tools will be thoroughly integrated with the Company's identity solution suites. FacePrint currently anticipates that the first of its e-learning tools will be introduced to market in 2005.

-- In October 2003, FacePrint entered a license agreement with Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation calling for FacePrint to develop and market America's Most Wanted(TM) playing cards. This product is promoted on Fox's America's Most Wanted television show, on the America's Most Wanted Web site at amw.com, and can be purchased at amwcards.com as well as at traditional retail outlets. America's Most Wanted playing cards have been generating revenue for FacePrint since late 2003.

"The commencement of trading is an important milestone in FacePrint's quest to develop and market best-of-breed identity solutions that are financially accessible to all users, big and small, throughout the US and around the world," said Pierre Cote, founder and CEO of FacePrint.

Initially, FacePrint's E-DNA core technology is providing the foundation for the development of biometric solutions in the face recognition sector of the identity verification and determination market. Longer-term, FacePrint intends to aggressively leverage this core technology with ground breaking identity solution applications in the areas of fingerprint, voice, iris, and retina recognition.

"FacePrint's entire management team is convinced that our E-DNA core technology has the potential to revolutionize the biometrics marketplace," said Cote. "We are aiming first to develop applications for the face recognition sector of the market where current solutions leave much to be desired. We plan to follow that with multi-mode face/fingerprint recognition solutions in a high-performance/low-price package that is simply not achievable with current technologies."