EverFocus Introduces New 520-TV Lines Product Series

San Marino, Calif. - The PureVision 350 HQ series from EverFocus Electronics Corporation (www.everfocus.com)is breaking the rules for all high resolution cameras by increasing the TV lines to 520. Currently, the standard is 480 TVL. This innovative new technology is already available at local distributors throughout the United States.

PureVision Technology is created using a 1/3' Sony HQ chip (1/3' interline transfer color CCD) and is the next step in intelligent surveillance systems. With as many as forty additional lines over the conventional high-resolution camera, a better picture quality is now possible ' even when lighting fades. As lighting dissipates, the standard industry camera cannot automatically adjust, causing shadows or smudges. Adding horizontal television lines ends this problem. Automatically adjusting the camera's parameters PureVision technology provides a sustained clear image no matter what type of lighting. The increased Auto Gain Control provides greater sensitivity when lighting dims, compensating for the low backlight. The result is a brighter picture within darker settings; therefore the background is as easily seen as the foreground in any lighting. Even color rolling that occurs in florescent lighting is significantly suppressed. Small items can now be clearly seen, allowing the end-user a greater advantage in loss prevention.