IPIX Introduces Commandview Product Line

IPIX Corporation is a premium supplier of digital surveillance and visual intelligence technologies for critical government and commercial security applications. The IPIX patented 360° surveillance technology provides complete and continuous situational awareness, allowing users to see an entire 360° field of view simultaneously with no moving camera parts. Users can navigate within a still, live or recorded scene in all directions using digital pan-tilt-zoom.

The IPIX CommandView™ product line is a breakthrough network camera technology and digital video surveillance system. Integrated mega-pixel sensors and IPIX technology perform digital pan-tilt-zoom, rotation, and magnification within an ultra-wide field of view, without any moving camera parts. The technology produces a de-warped, high-resolution full 360° view with no blind spots. IPIX offers its solutions in a number of housing options to meet its customers indoor and outdoor surveillance needs.