Control Risks Group Expands Security Travel Tracking Services

Control Risks Group, the business risk consultancy, rolls out its improved CRTravelTracker service. Following the recent purchase of Flightlock International, a leading travel technology provider, Control Risks can now boast the most up-to-date security tracking service in the market. By combining the latest technology with Control Risks' unmatched expertise in the field of security, CRTravelTracker provides a service that surpasses all of its competitors.

Unlike other security travel tracking services, CRTravelTracker

  • Allows global corporations to send out their travel and security policies to all travelers before they depart as well as alerting managers as to when employees are traveling to difficult parts of the world
  • The system utilizes Control Risks' risk ratings to ensure the corporation's own travel policy is communicated to the traveler and adhered to
  • These risk ratings are provided by a dedicated team of 25 full-time political analysts and more than 80 stringers employed across the world, to provide unparalleled political and security briefings on more than 200 countries and 300 cities across the globe
  • Prior to travel, vital information regarding security issues is sent to the traveler.
  • CRTravelTracker logs details of all trips made by a corporations travelers and the advice they receive. This provides a critical audit trail for companies and is essential evidence of duty of care procedures
  • At any time, a traveler can call Control Risks' 24-hour incident room manned by international security experts who will provide professional advice as well as pro-active advice following large scale threats or changes in security situations
  • Control Risks has security consultants based around the world to provide rapid, ground level, post incident support at any time

Like most travel tracking services CRTravelTracker:

  • Provides details of where a corporation's travelers are at any time
  • Provides pre-travel security briefings on all aspects of an employee's destination
  • Automatically sends security alerts to employees whose travel is affected by an incident