Ultra-Scan Uses Fingerprints to Authenticate Healthcare Workers to Individual Workstations

US Biometrics' PassQ technology for computer access is being paired with Ultra-Scan's ultrasonic fingerprint capture system to now provide healthcare professionals with secure access to individual workstations, software applications and networks. Ultra-Scan's TouchPoint(TM) authenticates the identity of the healthcare professional prior to allowing authorization of a prescription or other controlled action.

US Biometrics' PassQ's technology is a convenient single sign-on alternative to passwords and PINs to securely access Windows PCs, networks, applications, and websites using a fingerprint.

Ultra-Scan's ultrasonic identity management systems use sound waves to capture fingerprint images with the ability to read and enroll virtually any fingerprint. Unlike optical scanners, ultrasonic technology is not sensitive to excessive fingerprint dryness, moisture, dirt or surface contamination.

"Biometrics streamlines processes and improves the quality of care by ensuring a patient is getting the correct treatment or medication," said John Schneider, president of Ultra-Scan. It is a "superior solution that can help the healthcare industry reduce medical errors, save staff time and improve overall workflow."

"Biometrics not only provides a high level of security for the healthcare industry and their facilities," adds Dave Delgrosso, president of US Biometrics, "but biometrics are also easy to use, cost-effective, and more convenient than other alternatives."