IQeye from Vicon

IQinVision Releases Digital Zoom Cameras with 3 Megapixel Resolution

IQinVision has announced a breakthrough in resolution and performance with the company's new 3 megapixel IQeye600 and IQeye300 Series IP cameras. These two new products represent the first and only 3 megapixel IP cameras offered anywhere. Ultra high definition cameras such as these offer a significant advantage over their lower resolution competitors: high quality digital zoom in live and recorded video.

Because there is 10 times as much visual information in a 3 megapixel image than in a VGA (640 by 480) image, high digital zoom factors are possible with virtually no loss in image quality. With up to 10 times the visual data in every image, a high performance IP camera system (with smart bandwidth management capability) is necessary to process and transmit video.

The new high performance IQeye603 features an incredible 40 million pixels per second throughput, which allows over 12 images per second (ips) of 3 megapixel video. Compare this IQeye603 performance benchmark against top performance cameras today. A camera that runs 24 to 30 ips at VGA / NTSC / PAL image sizes will process 5 to 8 million pixels per second. The IQeye603 processes video over four times faster than the next fastest camera on the market, and captures images with three times more resolution than the next nearest competitor.

Previously released LIGHTGRABBER technology is integrated into both of the new 3 megapixel cameras. A 2048 by 1536 progressive scan image capture and superior 0.3 lux low light performance makes the IQeye603 and IQeye303 ideal for exterior applications such as parking lot and perimeter security.

The IQeye303 has a 2 million pixels per second image processing capability, approximately 1 frame every two seconds at full 3.0 megapixel resolution, or approximately 6 ips at VGA. The optional PCMCIA PCcard slot supports on camera storage via FLASH cards, Microdrives, etc. and also supports wireless communications cards. See the IQinVision web site for a list of currently supported cards, new driver support is available as wireless and storage technologies evolve.

Both cameras feature the award winning IQlibrarian, which allows each camera to manage the recording and playback video using normal commodity network file storage. Digital Pan Tilt and Zoom are standard features for live and recorded video.

The new cameras will be shipping in December, 2004.