VistaScape Automated Wide-Area Surveillance Software Deployed at Port Facilities Across West Coast

ATLANTA -- VistaScape Security Systems announced today the deployment of its SiteIQâ„¢ automated wide-area surveillance software at maritime terminal properties of Total Terminals International (TTI) within the Ports of Long Beach, Oakland and Seattle. The multi-site installation, a first of its kind, provides TTI with a single graphical user interface armed with intelligent video capabilities to protect multiple commercial assets along the West Coast.

The deployments extend VistaScape's position as the market share leader for surveillance software in the maritime sector. With customers at 6 of the top 10 busiest ports in the nation, SiteIQ is the platform of choice for leading ports and maritime facilities.

“This installation showcases SiteIQ's capabilities as a robust situational awareness platform,” said Glenn McGonnigle, Chairman and CEO of VistaScape. “From a single location, TTI can monitor conditions and enforce security policy at facilities that are as far as a thousand miles apart from each other.”

Embarcadero Systems Corporation (ESC), a VistaScape integration partner based in Alameda, Calif., is the prime contractor for the installations. ESC was responsible for the initial vulnerability assessments and consulting as well as successfully deploying SiteIQ and the other security and IT technologies.

SiteIQ is a software-based solution that brings surveillance cameras and other sensors into a single, easy-to-use graphical interface that shows an entire facility – or group of facilities – on one screen. Through intelligent video analysis, SiteIQ can detect, classify, and track multiple objects – such as boats, cars, and people – and identify them graphically onscreen. In a maritime environment, SiteIQ enables security managers to draw “virtual fences” over land or water, which alert staff to potential objects entering an area of concern before they reach an intended target. The software can also detect suspicious behavior such as a person leaving an unattended bag or loitering in an unauthorized area.

“SiteIQ improves the effectiveness of our security operations, providing the situational awareness we need to meet and exceed mandated security guidelines,” said Steve Ruggiero, Director of Maritime Security for TTI. “Without SiteIQ, TTI would spend an extra $1 million a year on security staff to monitor our cameras – and be less effective at preventing incidents.”

“Maritime operations are dynamic, so before the first camera or sensor is deployed, ESC helps customers create a long-term risk management strategy that addresses their unique needs,” said Ed Schriger, Director of Secure Trade Solutions Practice Group of ESC. “VistaScape was chosen because they provide a software integration platform that aligns the sensor technologies towards enforcing that risk management strategy.”

SiteIQ is part of an overall security upgrade at the facilities performed by ESC, which collectively includes thermal imaging surveillance cameras, pan-tilt-zoom cameras, digital video recorders, access control systems and other physical security technologies.