Delta Scientific Introduces High Security Barrier for Remote Locations

VALENCIA, CALIF. -- Delta Scientific, the leading manufacturer of counter-terrorist vehicle control systems used in the United States and internationally, today introduced its new DSC510RL (Remote Locations) Very High Security Shallow Foundation Barrier that incorporates a new special locking system that prevents terrorists from disabling or dismantling it. It was created especially for remote applications, such as at dams and other out-of-the-way locales. In such locations, it is kept in the "up" position.

"According to the federal government, there is a growing need for high security vehicle access at many remote locations," explained Delta Scientific Senior Vice President David Dickinson. "With the DSC501RL, the harder a terrorist works at attempting to immobilize this barrier to get a vehicle through, the tighter the unit actually locks up."

Set in a foundation only 18 inches (46 cm) deep, the Delta DSC501RL will survive and operate after a 1.2 million foot pound impact. That's equivalent to a 15,000 pound truck hitting it at 50 mph (66kN at 80 kph). Upon extracting the truck, the barricade will be fully functional and perform 27,000 cycles with no wear. It will also stop even larger trucks going faster.

With its shallow foundation and aesthetic design, it is a major breakthrough in high duty, anti-terrorist barricades. It obviates the concerns of interference with buried pipes, power lines and fiber optic communication lines. The shallow foundation also reduces installation complexity, time, materials and corresponding costs. The

DSC501RL is suitable for high water table locations and areas with corrosive soils.

The DSC501RL barrier is available now.