Panasonic Announces Winners of ISC West Plasma Screen Promotion

Three very lucky individuals will receive Panasonic 37" Plasma TVs at their doorsteps over the next few days. The Plasma TVs were shipped to fulfill Panasonic Security Systems' "I got IT!" promotion at the recently held ISCW show in Las Vegas. A Plasma TV was awarded on each day of the three-day show to an attendee randomly selected wearing Panasonic's "I got IT!" button. The buttons were distributed free to anyone visiting the company's exhibit at the show. The Plasma TV is valued at $2,500 each.

"The 'I got IT!' promotion was designed to correspond with our new messaging campaign which broke industry wide in March's publications, just prior to the ISCW show" said Julianna Benedick, Director of Marketing for Panasonic System Solutions Company. "We were looking for a light-hearted vehicle to gain additional exposure for our new strategic theme above all the show clutter and this proved to be extremely effective. We were seeing the 'I got IT!' buttons all over Las Vegas even after show hours. It was a very successful micro-campaign to support our overall message for 2005."

Panasonic handed out several thousand "I got IT!" buttons during the first day of the show alone once word spread of the Plasma TV promotion.

To qualify for the promotion, attendees simply needed to pick up an "I got IT!" button at Panasonic's booth and wear it during the course of the show. Each day, a Panasonic spotter was dispatched to a predesignated area within the Sands Convention Center to look for someone wearing the "I got IT!" button. Once spotted, the lucky individuals were escorted back to the Panasonic booth to record their information and arrange delivery of a Panasonic 37" Plasma TV.

The winners are:
Day 1 - Mike Hansen from G&M Enterprises in South San Francisco, CA
Day 2 - Susan Koretsky from Alscan, Inc. in Birmingham, AL
Day 3 - Keith Lewis from Small Net Plus, Inc. in E. St. Louis, IL