EverFocus Introduces Wide-Dynamic High-Resolution Color Camera

By utilizing Digital Pixel System (DPS) technology, the new EverFocus EQ600WDII dramatically improves the performance of surveillance camera in extreme lighting conditions. Where traditional CCD cameras have difficulty processing images in strong backlighting, the EverFocus EQ600 WDII processes each pixel independently, correcting for the variations and providing the best possible image under the lighting conditions.

The core innovation of DPS is the inclusion of an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) within each pixel of the image sensor, converting an image into digital format immediately at the point of image capture. The sensor's architecture also eliminates any blooming or smearing under extreme conditions, providing unmatched image quality.

The EverFocus EQ600 WDII offers a user-friendly "On Screen Display" and intuitive control functions. The EverFocus EQ600 WDII is designed to be ideal for retail establishments, building lobbies, mobile applications or any other area where backlighting is an issue.