RAE Heads out to the Ball Field for Security

RAE Systems Inc., a leading global developer and manufacturer of rapidly-deployable, multi-sensor chemical and radiation detection monitors and networks for homeland security and industrial applications, today announced that it provided toxic gas monitoring for the World Series games that took place in St. Louis at Busch Stadium.

Teams from St. Louis Urban Area Security Initiative worked together to ensure that the air on the field, near the dugouts and throughout the stadium was safe and secure for the more than 50,000 fans, players and press in attendance. Participating organizations included the St. Louis Fire Department, St. Louis County HMERT/WMD, the National Guard 7th Civil Support Team from Ft. Leonard Wood, and other local, state and Federal agencies

"The sensing solutions provided by RAE Systems were indispensable to our efforts in providing a safe, secure environment for the World Series, an event that has become an American institution," said Bill Brandes, Commander, St. Louis County HMERT/WMD. "Our ability to protect lives is in many ways dependent on our ability to assess and act on the data we have at any given moment. The real time information provided by RAE Systems' sensing solutions gives us better and faster data, which is critical to better and faster response."

Networks of AreaRAEs were deployed throughout Busch Stadium to provide parts-per-million measurement of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), as well as lower explosive limit (LEL), oxygen, and specific toxic substances. The AreaRAEs were controlled and monitored from a series of base controllers running ProRAE Remote software, each monitoring real-time data from up to 32 sensors.

"The World Series is one of the many high profile events where RAE Systems' solutions are used to ensure public security," said Robert I. Chen, CEO of RAE Systems. "In our interconnected world, protecting public venues has become integral to our way of life, and RAE Systems is proud to be of service to the HazMat teams that work diligently to secure these important sites and events."