FaceKey Lands Installation of Biometric Access Control System at SATC

FaceKey Corporation, a biometrics technology provider specializing in security and access control, announced the installation of additional Standard Biometric Access Control systems in the San Antonio Technology Center (SATC). The systems, sold by Concepts for Creation Technology Innovations (CFCTI), President/CEO, John Hill, a FaceKey reseller, utilize fingerprint recognition technology combined with a keypad to monitor and provide secure access to the building. CFCTI is currently enrolling the building's tenants on the system.

The implementation of these access control systems follows other recent installations at the SATC. FaceKey's biometric systems already provide enhanced security for the facility's server collocation facility, with additional units planned for the conference room and the SATC management office.

John Hill, president/CEO of CFCTI, commented, "It's been exciting to have the opportunity to replace the San Antonio Technology Center's older, less reliable, access control system with FaceKey's state-of-the art access control technology and provide heightened security for those tenants requiring after hours access to the building."

Yevgeny Levitov, President of FaceKey Corporation, stated, "By using FaceKey's biometric systems, the SATC is providing its tenants with the most recent, secure and convenient technology in access control. Because our systems can be networked together, they provide for an easy transition when extending our suite of products to encompass additional areas of a particular office suite, building or facility that require security and access control."

The San Antonio Technology Center, www.satc.org, is a "smart building" that houses a variety of technology-related firms and web-based information technology companies. The SATC provides an environment for these companies to grow through the facility's unique infrastructure characteristics. Among other uses, data center facilities are vital to ISPs (Internet Service Providers), ASPs (Application Service Providers), telecom switches, and Co-Lo (Co-location).