New Book Looks at Digital Forensic Methods

Keith Jones and Curtis Rose, reputed experts in the field of forensic investigation, have harnessed their technical acumen to write their latest book entitled, "Real Digital Forensics." The book's over 500 pages cover the methodology for the collection and analysis of computer forensic data; the approach for compiling toolkits used at the scene of the crime; and the ways to conduct deep forensic analysis. Realizing that hands-on training is essential to support the baseline methodology, the authors have decided to publish the book with a DVD containing realistic evidence collected from several fictitious scenarios for the sole purpose of learning the computer forensics tradecraft.

Jones and Rose have a combined 27-years of experience as computer security professionals that includes being expert testimonial witnesses for the Department of Justice. Keith Jones has also authored "Incident Response: Investigating Computer Crime," and the "Anti-Hacker Tool-Kit."

The authors' knowledge, approach, and personal accounts are captured throughout the book. "Red Cliff is very proud of Keith and Curtis's accomplishments in writing this book. 'Real Digital Forensics' further differentiates them as the experts in computer forensics, while exemplifying the dedication and expertise our entire Red Cliff team possesses," lauded Kevin Mandia, President of Red Cliff.

Due to the authors' popularity and demand for the book, Addison-Wesley is currently accepting advanced orders for the publication. "Real Digital Response" is scheduled for release on September 16, 2005, from