US Biometrics Announces 'The Q' for Computer Sign-On

NAPERVILLE, Ill. -- US Biometrics' "The Q" lets you use a fingerprint to log on to your home or office computer. It also removes the need for remembering passwords and usernames when navigating to a password-protected website or application. "The Q" will use fingerprint authentication to automatically log you on.

How many passwords do you have? 10? 20? 30? Between work and home, most people have 20 or more passwords including email, Internet banking, shopping, and online trading. "The Q" lets you forget those passwords! By placing your finger on a small USB-connected fingerprint scanner, "The Q" will automatically recognize specific password-protected websites or applications that you use and automatically log you on. It is easy enough for everyone in the house to use.

Passwords are the first, and sometimes only, defense against intrusion. By locking and encrypting strong passwords with your fingerprint profile, "The Q" helps prevent problems related to easy-to-guess, borrowed and stolen passwords.

For under $50, "The Q" will conveniently log on to almost any website or application automatically without having to type another password.

"The Q" is an additional layer of security and is built with the same US Biometrics' technology used in banks, hospitals, and universities across the country. Protect your personal and private information by securing your passwords with your fingerprint.

For a password management solution designed for business networks, consider US Biometrics' PassQ - the enterprise version of "The Q".

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