STR Introduces Affordable Microwave Perimeter Protection Detector to North America

TORONTO -- With outdoor perimeter detection an integral part of many security strategies, STR International, Inc. is introducing the R-300, an affordable, high quality microwave perimeter protection detector, to the North American market. Designed to continuously learn and adjust to changes in weather and terrain height, the R-300 virtually eliminates false alarms and is about one third less the cost of similar microwave perimeter products.

"The false alarms that other systems generate make them not only inconvenient, but very impractical," explained Eugene Gerstein, managing director of STR International. "For example, many competitive outdoor perimeter systems cannot differentiate between significant snowfall and an intruder, which causes false alarms and costs end users both time and money."

The R-300 provides a large area of coverage, while operating under extreme conditions. Acting as an early warning system, the R-300 can protect a zone with a length of up to 1,000 feet and detect a walking or crawling human at 1 to 30 feet per second. The system can also be tested remotely, eliminating the need to travel to remote locations where it may be set up. The R-300 is also durable, built to withstand temperatures of -58 to 149 degrees Fahrenheit and up to 100 percent relative humidity with a 77 degrees Fahrenheit air temperature.

Based on high-quality Russian technology, the R-300 provides true microwave perimeter protection in a small (160mm x 115mm x 45mm), lightweight (about two pounds for a set of two), attractive shatter and weather proof plastic package.

Currently used in prisons, parking lots, factories, hospitals and other high-security areas, the R-300 is affordable enough to be used in residential applications as well.

STR International offers several other microwave perimeter protection detectors, including multi-range and mobile versions. As is the case with all of the company's products, the R-300 is easy to learn and to install. The company, which recently became a PSA Security Network-approved vendor, also offers training and technical support to ensure that dealers and installers have everything they require. STR International also stands behind the R-300's durability with a three-year warranty.

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