SecurteX Releases Newest Generation of NAVS DVR with POS Integration

DAYTON, Ohio - Securtex International, Inc. (, a Dayton, Ohio based manufacturer of internationally distributed digital surveillance solutions announces the launch of the NAVS HYBRID - fifth generation of SecurteX DVR products. This DVR system offers a superior image quality at lowest storage rate, MPEG-4 compression, up to 32 cameras for recording and viewing as well as remote administration and optional built-in POS integration.

NAVS HYBRID is a comprehensive solution for loss prevention, security and operational problems common for retail industry. It is not only a real-time and remote video surveillance, but also an effective business management tool. With this product, retailers can pinpoint Voids, Returns, and No Sales as well as reduce investigation time using transaction based searches. POS option eventually pays for the cost of the entire system by reducing employee theft, improving cash handling and reducing operational errors & poor work habits. It is a valuable tool for any retail business.

NAVS HYBRID is one of the most full featured and advanced video surveillance systems in the security industry. Used in a full potential, this is an effective video surveillance and business management tool. NAVS HYBRID is available in 4, 9, 16, 2 and 32 camera configurations. Five different model levels allow Securtex NAVS to match most applications and budget considerations.