Kontek Industries Helps Nuclear Power Plants Meet NRC Security Deadline

Kontek Industries, a perimeter security and guard and communications center shelter provider, announced today that it has successfully helped 12 nuclear facilities in nine states meet the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's (NRC) Oct. 29 deadline for implementing more stringent security measures through the installation of its state-of-the-art critical infrastructure protection products. In April 2003, the NRC issued three security orders that mandated the nuclear power plant industry to take measures to meet the agency's new description of the size and attributes of an attacking force against which the industry must be able to defend its facilities.

"The successful completion of these extremely important projects further underscores Kontek's unique technical ability to simultaneously handle massive, complicated multiple projects on time and to specification," said Kontek President Don Utz. "Consistent with Kontek's singular commitment to enhancing homeland security, we are very pleased to be a part of our country's ongoing fight against terrorism and protecting critical infrastructure."