NetBotz Monitoring and Alerting Systems Expand beyond IT Protection with Two New Products

360-degree integration enables new markets and applications

NetBotz, Inc., the global leader in web-based monitoring solutions for critical assets, announced the release of two new products that, along with additional enhancements to its physical monitoring platform, make it easier for far more organizations to protect themselves from expensive and potentially catastrophic losses due to water and chemical leaks, extreme variations in temperature, power spikes, human error, sabotage and more.

The two new External Integration Products (EIP) - the EIP 4-20 mA Sensor Pod, and the EIP 0-5v Sensor Cable - combined with the refinements to the NetBotz management platform, enable companies to integrate almost any third-party analog physical monitoring sensor into their IT system and into the NetBotz management platform. By funneling all of their monitoring information into the NetBotz management platform, companies can gain access to a holistic view of potentially damaging conditions, enabling quicker response.

"These new products will enable far more companies to arm themselves with a comprehensive view of their IT infrastructure and environment through a single integrated solution," said NetBotz CTO Mitchell Medford. "We're providing an earlier and proactive warning, and that is crucial."

The new products and capabilities of the NetBotz platform will be especially useful in industries where there is a large installed base of analog monitors, including those in manufacturing and utility industries. Now pumps and lines carrying gasses or liquids won't have to be hand or locally monitored but instead can be viewed as part of a company's IT system where they can be viewed, monitored or even accessed just like any other node on the network. Concentric motors that self-test for excessive vibration can now be part of an automatic monitoring and management network. Airflow sensors in "clean" rooms will report variances to the IT system, which will immediately notify employees if there is a problem. Temperature sensors on compressors can be tied in, as can freezers and other equipment used for the production of frozen food.

"If it needs to be watched, we can help a company watch it more closely and for less money," said Medford.

In addition to integrating with a huge installed base of third-party analog sensors, new improvements in the NetBotz software and platform enable companies to:

View information from hand-held devices, allowing users to receive instant alerts about pending environmental threats and see on their screen any monitored area no matter where they are in the world. This means that more than ever, NetBotz will be the roving eyes and ears that enable greater corporate safety and security.

Integrate NetBotz into other applications via Web Services. The NetBotz API is now compatible with platforms such as Microsoft.NET, Johnson Controls Metasys, and others.

-Flag, annotate and search archived video clips through NetBotz Surveillance software.

-Block out sections of the digital image - to prevent, for example, unauthorized people from seeing information on monitors.

-Employ digital watermarking, which is useful for court admissibility.

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