NetBotz Monitoring and Alerting Systems Expand beyond IT Protection with Two New Products

360-degree integration enables new markets and applications

"I think the important thing to remember is that the combination of the new products and the new functionality means we can aggregate information from almost anybody, communicate it in almost any way needed, and then can integrate it all into the NetBotz management platform or any other higher-order management system if desired," said Medford. "Our new external sensors can tie a company's formerly stand-alone equipment into their existing IP infrastructure without any additional IT investment. So what we've got now is a way to network seemingly non-networkable devices -- which gives them much greater functionality, and which gives companies much greater protection."

The NetBotz family of cost-effective IP-based solutions actively protects and provides early warning regarding threats from environmental and physical conditions that can jeopardize operations and cause expensive downtime. NetBotz devices monitor and prevent environmental factors including excessive heat, low or high humidity, malicious or accidental human acts, the presence of water and more from negatively impacting business performance. The NetBotz IP-based appliances combine built-in sensors and SSL-encrypted cameras that work together as an organization's "eyes and ears" to monitor and protect against all kinds of physical threats.