S2 Security’s upgrade to the NetBox product line provides complete NERC compliance

Framingham, Mass. – Jan. 4, 2012 – S2 Security Corporation (S2), the leader in IP-based integrated physical security systems, today announced its popular S2 NetBox line now delivers High Availability capabilities and full compliance to NERC standards. The feature update to the S2 NetBox product line—version 4.1 build 458—allows customers to leverage S2 Security's market-leading advances in High Availability and the benefits of an IP-based platform to achieve 99.999 percent uptime with minimal administration.

S2 Security's High Availability solution is an automatic failover solution for systems requiring uninterrupted performance in the event of equipment or network failure. This is a built-in feature that sets up in minutes and allows users to run multiple networked appliances simultaneously, ensuring that there is no downtime.

In addition, S2 added three features that make its NetBox product line fully compliant with North American Electric Reliability Corporation's (NERC) standards. The customizable features provide an appropriate use banner for pre-login messages, optional trigger for failed login events, and strong password capability to enforce the use of alphanumeric and special characters.

"All of the features we're delivering in this update originated directly from integrator and customer feedback," said John Moss, CEO of S2 Security. "As with all of our software product releases, this build addresses common user application needs in uncommon, innovative ways. Our new implementation of High Availability, for example, takes a process that is usually very difficult to deploy and completely automates it. And offering NERC-compliant products is important to many of our Enterprise clients, who are required by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to establish and enforce reliability standards."

Additional feature enhancements provide system administrators richer detail and more comprehensive access to data throughout the system. Administrators now have the ability to find information from a single access point, eliminating the need to navigate through multiple system partitions. Access control cards may be designated with customized statuses such as lost, stolen, disabled or damaged. The status is then reflected in the historical database and the real-time activity log. System administrators are able to determine custom timeframes of inactivity after which access cards are automatically disabled, and they can track inactive cards over a selectable time period.

This new generation product line retains all the proven features of the S2 NetBox, delivering uniquely advanced integrated physical security management systems. Fully integrating the IP network using network appliance architecture, the systems provide credential-based access control, event and alarm monitoring, video surveillance, and analog temperature monitoring through a collection of local intelligent network appliances.

For more information about S2 Security's products and services please visit http://www.s2sys.com/ or contact: Jamie Farrell, jfarrell@s2sys.com.