Tiger IT leverages Lumidigm technology to create AFIS/iris matching system

ALBUQUERQUE, NM — January 4, 2012 — Lumidigm today announced that Tiger IT Bangladesh Limited, a leading global provider of AFIS and identity management solutions, is providing a complete criminal identity solution, including iris and fingerprint biometrics and a database upgrade, to the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) office in Bangladesh. Tiger IT sought out Lumidigm's reliable Venus fingerprint sensors for the project in order to provide the RAB with the best tools available for tracking and investigating criminal activities.

"Lumidigm has an advantage, in that their multispectral imaging technology collects unique fingerprint characteristics from both the surface and subsurface of the skin," explains Rifat Abedin, Tiger IT vice president of business development. "The additional fingerprint characteristics that Lumidigm sensors capture allow for improved accuracy in identification and verification, even with an uncooperative suspect."

Tiger IT began work on the project in June and has successfully migrated the original RAB database into the new files. Training was provided by Tiger IT and concluded in October. Tiger IT provided resources in areas such as data migration from the existing system to the new system, de-duplication of records, enrollment application for capturing demographic and biometric data, the AFIS and iris matching system, database system and installation of all software and hardware.

"This was an exciting criminal tracking project for Lumidigm," says Sujan T.V. Parthasaradhi, Lumidigm's director of biometric applications. "We know that Lumidigm technology works exceptionally well in civil ID and secure border control applications and, together with top AFIS provider Tiger IT, we got a chance to bring it to Bangladesh."