Vidient Systems Receives Frost & Sullivan's Product Innovation Award

Sunnyvale, CA. -- Vidient Systems, Inc., a developer of intelligent video software that makes video surveillance cameras (CCTV) more accurate and cost effective, has been awarded the 2005 Frost & Sullivan Product Innovation Award for demonstrated excellence in new products and technologies within the worldwide video surveillance software marketplace.

The Vidient SmartCatch system is based on advanced behavior recognition software that transforms video surveillance cameras traditionally used for simple monitoring of secure locations into an active, intelligent security system that recognizes threatening behaviors and in real-time alerts designated security personnel and law enforcement organizations for appropriate coordination and response. SmartCatch is used today to monitor secure locations at airports and other major transportation facilities, corporations and public institutions around the world.

Vidient's SmartCatch was chosen by Frost & Sullivan for its rich and unique feature set, open architecture, ease of integration with existing video management systems, and simplified navigation and usability.

This award not only recognizes SmartCatch's comprehensive features, but also acknowledges the product's innovative ability to spot one of today's most common security breaches piggy-backing or tailgating in which more than one person at a time gains access to a secure location when just one individual at a time is authorized. According to Frost & Sullivan, SmartCatch's ability to detect these breaches with a high level of accuracy makes SmartCatch a much sought-after solution for security at airports and other sensitive locations.

"With its strong technological base from NEC, a growing partner and customer network and a feature-rich product, Vidient has steadily and successfully built a strong, innovative presence in this emerging video surveillance software market, said Soumilya Banerjee, Senior Research Analyst for Auto ID and Security at Frost & Sullivan.

"We look at numerous factors when making these selections and it's especially challenging in the video surveillance arena where so much new technology is coming to market and customer needs are accelerating so rapidly. Given how critical security is today for both private and public institutions, it's imperative that these solutions are proven and highly effective. Vidient's SmartCatch has demonstrated success with its deployments which is why it clearly stands out in the market."

Vidient SmartCatch 2.5 is the newest release of the company's award-winning product. It includes new applications for robust perimeter surveillance, the integration of an advanced real-time alert management response system and built-in support for leading access control systems and mobile communication devices. All of the new capabilities of SmartCatch 2.5 are designed to enable more rapid, efficient and appropriate responses to security situations.

According to Brooks McChesney, president and CEO of Vidient, this coveted award by Frost & Sullivan is another solid example of the importance and need for progressive, accurate and accessible video surveillance solutions effectively designed to detect and deter very real security threats. "We're delighted to receive this award which not only recognizes the critical role of SmartCatch in the video surveillance chain but also further validates our leadership, vision and growing momentum with new technology, partners and customers."

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